Approved Vendors

With a large number of vendors out there vying for your business, we have built up a list of approved vendors that have worked or is currently working with other AFN branches.

NOTE: This is a growing list so check back often to see which new vendor is approved.


• All cost must be approved by your branch and regional manager if charging to the branch P&L. Please send written approval to marketing for our records.

All vendor costs are subject to a maximum ceiling of $7,500 per month in payment by AFN. Anything above that requires Executive management approval in writing in advance of receiving the leads and any waiver or post approval course of dealing on the part of AFN shall not be used as a defense against AFN. Both Parties understand this provision and waive all rights to Quantum Meruit regardless of intent or benefit.

• An agreement must be drafted and submitted to legal (if applicable).


Company Name: Inbound Prospect



InboundProspect makes it easy for you with our groundbreaking Pay Per Acquisition, Pay Per Call and Pay Per Lead pricing models using our proven and effective direct mail based lead generation methodology. We take on the performance and financial risk of marketing, so that you can stay focused on keeping your sales team busy closing more loans. It’s unlike anything you’ll get from traditional lead generation companies.


► We are seeking to bring on just 2 more mortgage lenders to complete the final phase of this lead program and then we’ll close it out.
► We run a soft credit pull and use our proven AVM to make sure our leads meet your minimum underwriting criteria before we send them to you in real time.
► Our live inbound call leads are only $45 per lead, convert at 3.5% lead-to-funded loan and yield a $1,285 Cost Per Funded Loan. Moreover, this lead program is highly scalable.

Contact Information:

Shanon J. Brief
Phone: (800) 511-1955 x103


More information:




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