Approved Vendors

With a large number of vendors out there vying for your business, we have built up a list of approved vendors that have worked or is currently working with other AFN branches.

NOTE: This is a growing list so check back often to see which new vendor is approved.


• All cost must be approved by your branch and regional manager if charging to the branch P&L. Please send written approval to marketing for our records.

All vendor costs are subject to a maximum ceiling of $7,500 per month in payment by AFN. Anything above that requires Executive management approval in writing in advance of receiving the leads and any waiver or post approval course of dealing on the part of AFN shall not be used as a defense against AFN. Both Parties understand this provision and waive all rights to Quantum Meruit regardless of intent or benefit.

• An agreement must be drafted and submitted to legal (if applicable).


Company Name: Listings To Leads



Automated Property Marketing, Referral & Lead Generation
Every Tool Generates Leads & Referrals While Marketing Your Listings!


Generate Buyer and Seller Leads without listings!

Landing pages for buyer and seller leads!
Generate buyer and seller leads via social media, direct mail and more!

Open House as Showing Agent tools!
Generate leads before, during & after holding open houses for other agents!

Market Report Websites!
Generate leads from your farm via eFlyers, Facebook Posts, Print and more!

FSBOs / Expireds!
Landing pages and tools specifically for FSBO’s and Expireds!

Contact Information:

Vince Meza
Phone: 415-948-7578


More information:




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