AFN’s Wall of Props

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    Al Pereida gave props to Mark Giangrande [217]

    Mark took over a file from a departing employee. Always a tough task. He dug in, worked with investor and cleared us for docs. His availability and common sense approach with obvious tons of experience make him an asset. Thanks, Mark.

    – April 19, 2018

    Juliana Hincapie-Ospina gave props to Victor Ziringer [217]

    Victor is an excellent Underwriter, he always makes himself available to us to help us clear doubts and guide us. He is a great team player and looks for solutions to make things happen, he is extremely knowledgeable and it is always a pleasure working with him. Thank you, Victor, for all your help on the recent loans you have underwritten for us.

    – April 18, 2018

    Annie gave props to Ted Clavel [217]

    Ted is the man!

    – April 16, 2018

    Noel gave props to Linda Neal [217]

    Linda is awesome and always willing to jump in and help.

    – April 13, 2018

    Monica Schroreder gave props to Veronica Vallin [217]

    Veronica is so helpful! She is patient, and kind, and caring and gets the job done! She is dedicated to her job and consistently has been such a pleasure to work with. Thanks Veronica!

    – April 13, 2018

    Russ ODonnell gave props to Bernadette Campos [217]

    Bernadette, late last night, orchestrated the delivery of our closing documents to title long after her day ended. Thank you so much Bernadette!

    – April 13, 2018

    Dominic Gonzalez gave props to Nicole Ratliff [217]

    For putting in extra work on the Martinez so we keep it alive!

    – April 13, 2018

    Russ ODonnell gave props to Jim [217]

    Jim has worked tirelessly on getting our first few loans across the finish line in record time. Great processor! Thank you Jim!

    – April 13, 2018

    Russ ODonnell gave props to Zuriel Merrezon [217]

    Zuriel has been amazingly helpful during our transition to AFN. He has gone above and beyond to help us lock loans, understand processes and even does it at midnight. Thank you, Zuriel!

    – April 13, 2018

    Keith Williams gave props to Zuriel Meerzon [217]

    Zuriel might be a busy guy but, he was able to assist me with a technical issue during my transition to AFN that made my life and my customers infinitely better!

    Thank you Sir!

    – April 13, 2018

    Yvette Hidalgo gave props to Christina Maine [217]

    Christina always goes above and beyond to assist whenever needed. I appreciate her excellent customer service and positive attitude. Thank you Christina for all that you do! You are awesome!

    – April 13, 2018

    Joanne Mendoza gave props to Stephany Garcia [217]

    She is always helpful and willing to help out everyone within the department. She always offers a helping hand and service always with a smile. Stephany is a true team player! 🙂

    – April 13, 2018

    Liz Mendoza gave props to Victor Tapia [217]

    He’s very patient and helpful when it comes to showing how things work. I appreciate his help!

    – April 13, 2018

    Tori Tashiro gave props to Veronica Urieta [217]

    She always gets the job done!

    – April 13, 2018

    SONJIA MOYER gave props to LAUREL GARVEY [217]

    Laurel is such a great addition to our AFN family. Our entire branch loves working with her. She is great at communicating with the processors and we love her underwriting style. Laurel goes above and beyond to get our loans closed. She is the BEST.

    – April 13, 2018

    Sarah and Maria gave props to Daniel Harlan [217]

    Dan goes above and beyond with our files. He helps us with all kinds of questions. Dan is an amazing asset to your company. His knowledge is second to none. We Love our Dan!!!!

    – April 13, 2018

    Augusta Gordon gave props to Thomas Dellanno [217]

    He is willing to teach me any time a YELL for him. He is super knowledgeable and a wonderful individual.

    – April 13, 2018

    Jeanette Hooker gave props to Josh Vega [217]

    Josh just teamed up with our branch recently and has been doing an AMAZING job. The service he provides with quick reviews and fundings has made my job so much easier. I am thankful for his hard work and happy to have him on our side.

    – April 13, 2018

    April Hong gave props to Stephanie Esparza [217]

    Stephanie, thank you for always being available to help me out on closing questions and issues the team may run into. Love that I can walk into your office and you are willing to help out at anytime. Means a lot to have co-workers that are willing to go out of their way without complaint to make sure everyone is succeeding. THANK YOU!!! And of course thank you for the lipstick advice. HUGS xoxo

    – April 13, 2018

    Joseph Bement gave props to Darrell Canty [217]

    Darrell has worked his hump off since coming back to AFN. He is loyal , hard working, and driven. He exemplifies the TEAMAFN motto and I am happy to be working with him.

    – April 13, 2018

    Walter Wakeman gave props to Jessica Haines [217]

    Jessica is always there when I need help and is always willing to not only help but teach so that Team AFN grows to get better!

    – April 13, 2018

    Tori Treyes gave props to Sarah Melendez [217]

    Sarah has been such a big help since coming into the dept. She is quick learner and I appreciate everything you’re doing.

    Keep kicking butt 🙂

    – April 13, 2018

    julie waldron gave props to Sheila Meyer [217]

    Many times it can be stressful for a loan officer to go on vacation worried about their files. Sheila did an awesome while I was gone. I just kept getting clear to close emails when I would check my email. Was very nice to enjoy vacation knowing my processor had it all handled. thanks Sheila!

    – April 13, 2018

    Brian Eller gave props to Becca Skiles [217]

    She is the hardest working professor I know. Care the most about our branch. And is having a record breaking month of April.

    – April 13, 2018

    Samuel Jimenez gave props to Hector Estrada [217]

    Hector is awesome. He ensures we all have the same opportunity to earn a good living. He also does small things that make coming to work for him a joy. He is smart, hard working, generous, and always in good spirits.

    Thanks Hector!

    – April 13, 2018

    TAMARA SHARP gave props to Jimmy Vuong [217]

    Jimmy is the best. He is always there quickly to help solve so many issues and always answers the phone so happy and helps us to smile thru our day. not to mention his awkward video photos:) Just want to tell him I appreciate him and putting up with me!

    – April 13, 2018

    Walter Wakeman gave props to Raul Esparza [217]

    Raul is a real champion of information. I was having a problem and there was Raul with the information I needed and a word of advice on how to continue in the future. Truly a shining example of kindness and intelligence!

    – April 13, 2018

    Dustin Arp gave props to Zuriel Meerzon [217]

    For fixing literally all of my loan problems every week.

    – April 13, 2018

    JImmy Vuong gave props to Denise Swartz [217]

    Denise was kind enough to give us positive feedback on our Information Research user set up. We don’t get this often but when we do, we love it!

    – April 12, 2018

    Timothy Valenzuela gave props to DeAnn Santos [217]

    Dee went above and beyond today by supporting us and keeping the client happy and excited to finance their home!

    – April 11, 2018

    Nick Catt gave props to Cynthia Sanchez [217]

    Cynthia is very helpful and knowledgeable. She is a pleasure to work with!

    – April 06, 2018

    Nicholas Catt gave props to Raul Esparza [217]

    Raul is a great trainer, very patient and helpful! He is a great team member!

    – April 06, 2018

    Joey Montes gave props to Penny Perusse [217]

    To say Penny is helpful, patient and always willing to help is to do her a disservice. Penny is the best boss I have ever worked for – the kind of person you WANT to do well for; Evoking loyalty and respect from coworkers and vendors alike. She knows more than most but isn’t condescending. She helps by teaching you how to fix it not just by fixing it for you. She is worth her weight in Diamonds. I am lucky to be working under Penny Perusse – USA Loans’ own Obi Wan Kenobi!

    – April 06, 2018

    Liz Mendoza gave props to Liz Mendoza [217]

    Liz has been so helpful and supportive as a Jr. Processor. She goes above and beyond to help me with all my order outs and is always on top of things. I’m so glad to be working with her and so glad she’s on my team. 🙂

    – April 06, 2018

    Theresa Passalaqua gave props to Linda Neal [217]

    For basically being AWESOME! She is great to work with and always goes above and beyond to help us. She makes herself available to answer questions and helps us figure things out when we are stuck. I can always count on Linda 🙂

    – April 06, 2018

    Alan Roemer gave props to Rob Bell [217]

    Rob has done an outstanding job to assist our Skysong Branch! We thank you for all your hard work and dedication and is much appreciated Rob!

    – April 06, 2018

    Dominic Gonzalez gave props to Gina Gil [217]

    For helping me structure loans and answering my tough underwriting questions. Oh also- for returning my missed calls without me having to even leave a message!!!

    – April 06, 2018

    Dominic Gonzalez gave props to Tina Diep [217]

    For giving me the extra attention I needed to get my file submitted correctly and giving me guidance.

    – April 06, 2018

    Cecilia Salazar gave props to Denise Wisnewski [217]

    I really appreciate Denise and all the times she assists me. She is very kind and direct, which is what I appreciate. Denise always get me taken care of. I think she is a great asset to our team. She always puts a smile on my face.

    – April 06, 2018

    Jackelyn Elliott gave props to John Cruz [217]

    I have to give a HUGE shout out to John ( this is long overdue) John goes above and beyond to work with us in getting our post-closing items cleared and loans quickly sold. I enjoy working with him always a pleasure. Keep up the GREAT work John it’s much appreciated.

    – April 06, 2018

    Jonathan Carrico gave props to Ryan Hellyer [217]

    Its the people behind the scenes that are our backbone. Thanks Ryan!

    – April 06, 2018

    Jonathan Carrico gave props to Yvette Hidalgo [217]

    Yvette is always on point and takes care of all of us. Thank you!

    – April 06, 2018

    Jonathan Carrico gave props to Tori Cegielski [217]

    Tori is always #TeamAFN. I love our HR Department

    – April 06, 2018

    Michael Parrish gave props to Ashley Newman [217]

    Ashley is always on top of things and so helpful. Her communication and work ethic are off the charts. AFN is very fortunate to have her.

    – April 06, 2018

    David gave props to Amy Valdivia [217]

    I am new, and she helps me out a lot. thanks

    – April 06, 2018

    Joshua Tarrer gave props to John Ruha [217]

    John is nothing but first class when it came to setting up our new branch and all the interactions I had with him. Once he flew back home he still managed to check in on our branch to ensure everything was going smoothly and to see if there is anything else we needed. He is definitely an asset to AFN.

    – April 06, 2018

    Juliana Hincapie gave props to Linda Wellmaker [217]

    Linda is an extraordinary processor and individual, she is always available, and attentive, she keeps you informed at all times and goes out of her way to help when urgency is needed. Which is often in this business. THANK YOU LINDA for always giving 200%

    – April 06, 2018

    Casey Strafaci gave props to Janna Lopes [217]

    Amazing attitude and work ethic. Positive vibes radiate to everyone around Janna!

    – April 06, 2018

    Adam Stephens gave props to Morgan Cox [217]

    Morgan has done so much for her Loan Officers. Learning on the fly, dealing with all the craziness of this business. High stress levels but comes thru in the clutch!! Thank you Morgan for all that you do! Team Turlock

    – April 06, 2018

    Mary Wright gave props to Sarah [217]

    Sarah has been extremely helpful! Ashley and I are very needy (we know it 🙂 ) and Sarah is very quick to respond (which we appreciate more than she knows) and double checks with us if she has questions. I know learning a new position is tough, but she is killin it!

    – April 05, 2018