AFN’s Wall of Props

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    Joey Montes gave props to William Sohanaki

    William attitude has changed dynamically. With more responsibility, he has found errors and procedural flaws in the workflow and taken it upon himself to not only identify these issues but provide solid solutions to them.
    Instead of just complaining about stuff not being done effectively, he has fixed them. William’s a critical thinker – detail oriented & a problem solver. I just hope he doesn’t fix me out of a job.

    – January 19, 2018

    Joey Montes gave props to Rita Rodriguez

    Rita has untaken a great deal of work that is new to her and has risen to the challenge. She greats everyone with a smile and each loan with a mind open and focused on producing quality, clean documentation.
    Each day she gets better and its noticed. Thank you Rita!

    – January 19, 2018

    Jon Carrico gave props to James Carter

    James helped me to get offer letters to auto populate for my oncoming team members. Thanks a million for making life easier and easier.

    – January 19, 2018

    Joey Montes gave props to Norma Mendoza

    A VA Appraiser emailed an invoice showing late fees accrued for an appraisal that had not been paid in over 3 months. I deferred to Norma for help. She managed to track down the check we sent out to this appraiser along with the date the check was cashed – 11/13/2017.
    So thanks to Norma, we did not have to pay this VA appraiser twice. The appraiser has not responded, which calls into question his original motivation.

    But great job – Norma!!!! So awesome and helpful!

    – January 18, 2018

    Kim Bui gave props to Ashlee Shields

    Ashlee always goes above and beyond in everything she does. She’s usually readily available to answer my questions and helps out when I need. I truly appreciate all the help she has given me.

    – January 18, 2018

    Brian Marchica gave props to Jennifer Foraker

    I have been in mortgage lending in some capacity for the last 14 years and I can say with confidence that Jennifer is the best processor I have ever had the privilege to work with! Her hard work and dedication is appreciated more than words can express!
    Jennifer and I also worked together at a previous company and reuniting with her was a large factor in me deciding to transition my Branch to AFN. Keep it up, Jennifer!! I am so happy to be working with you once again!! #AFN Props to YOU!!

    – January 16, 2018

    Brian Marchica gave props to Rita Romaker

    Rita is consistently turning around conditional approvals for my team in 24 hours or less! Rita is an asset to our team and I am thankful to have the opportunity to work with her. Keep it up, Rita! #AFNProps to you!

    – January 16, 2018

    Tori Cegielski gave props to Miguel Nanez

    When you are in need of some assistance, Miguel is your guy! He is always so friendly and extremely helpful. He keeps me sane when my programs start acting up. I appreciate every time I get the honor to work with him. Thank you!

    – January 12, 2018

    David Ross gave props to Susie Sensenbach

    I have worked in the mortgage industry for over 40 years and am a firm believer that when people excel at their job, it should be noted. Susie deserves a Prop for being there for me and my team whenever we need help. She is pro-active, very pleasant, knowledgeable, professional and has the “can do this” attitude that makes working at AFN a joy.

    – January 12, 2018

    Tori Cegielski gave props to Erica Ramirez

    Erica has been killing it as our sole Payroll Administrator right now. I am so thankful she is on our team!

    – January 12, 2018

    Tori Cegielski gave props to Kim Skulavik

    Kim is so helpful! She helped get me in line for success with my adobe program. Whoo! Thank you!

    – January 12, 2018

    Tori Cegielski gave props to Kirstin Rowley

    Kirstin is a superstar! She always has a sunshine smile on her face. She recently helped HR with the creation of the new onboarding welcome letter and it is simply amazing. We are so grateful for her expertise!

    – January 12, 2018

    CJ Grapentin gave props to Allen Zarifian

    Allen is a beast, if I need something done and he has the ability to do it, it always gets done, thank you sir!

    – January 10, 2018

    Christina Maine gave props to Yvette Hidalgo

    Thank you for being so kind and helpful. Even when it is obvious that you have a ton on your plate, you still always have such a positive and happy demeanor. Your dedication to make sure that things are done right is nothing less than amazing. You’re the best!!!

    – January 09, 2018

    Brandon Johnson gave props to Joan Tyree

    Since the day she arrived at AFN, Joan has gone above and beyond to help all of us with Encompass questions and issues. I appreciate her prompt and thorough responses to all of my questions. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU JOAN!

    – January 04, 2018

    Christina Maine gave props to Kim Skulavik

    Bottom line, Kim is amazing and so talented at what she does. She has been so helpful in training me and getting me ready to start doing things on my own. I can’t express how much it means that Kim takes the time day in and day out to make sure that I feel comfortable navigating each task. Thank you Kim for all you do.

    – January 04, 2018

    Christina Maine gave props to Venessa Zollman

    Thank you so much Venessa for walking me through applying for health coverage. You took an issue that was causing me so many problems and fixed it in no time. You were done before I even knew it and honestly that was appreciated more than you could know. Thank you for always helping out even when you have a million other things on your plate. You’re the best!

    – January 03, 2018

    Jonathan Edward Carrico gave props to Erica Ramierz

    Erica was helping me to get our people paid for their hard work in the bonus area of payroll. Thank you

    – January 02, 2018

    Nick Dempsey gave props to Jenn Cutler

    Jenn goes above and beyond her job discription to make sure the borrower and the branch is taken care of. We are so incredibly lucky to have her.

    Jenn, thank you for all you do!!

    – December 29, 2017

    Matthew Maine gave props to Sara Thomas

    Sara made funding one of our files extremely easy. she got everything set up the day before, and as soon recission was up, she was able to fund and record the last day of the year. Thanks!

    – December 29, 2017

    Kevin Pistole gave props to Andrea Moncayo

    Having patience with all the Non-QM loans I submit. They aren’t easy loans but we’re getting the hang of it together.

    – December 29, 2017

    Rita Driscoll gave props to Zuriel Meerzon

    Great Liaison to the sales force always willing to help, and figures out how to get thing done. great with communicating ( good news or bad )

    – December 29, 2017

    Kevin Pistole gave props to Nicole Zamora

    Just getting stuff done and always being available to help with files.

    – December 29, 2017

    Michael Fleming gave props to Corey Trujillo

    Corey is a wonderful mentor! She helps me to do the best possible work for my role and the marketing team would be lost without her! Happy New Year!

    – December 29, 2017

    Michael Fleming gave props to Christina Maine

    Christina is a wonderful addition to our marketing crew! She is unstoppable! Also she will probably see this prop when it is submitted, if so, HI!

    – December 29, 2017

    Michael Fleming gave props to Kim Bui

    Kim makes me smile on a bad day! Also she makes wonderful videos for Facebook and LinkedIn.

    – December 29, 2017

    Michael Fleming gave props to Kirstin Rowley

    Kirstin is so great and always get’s me AMAZING graphics for social media at the drop of a hat.

    – December 29, 2017

    Michael Fleming gave props to Ashlee Shields

    Thanks for an amazing 2017! I always appreciate Ashlees help and if I ever need something for social media, she get’s it done ASAP!

    – December 29, 2017

    Anthony Casillas gave props to Susie Sensenbach

    Susie is the epitome of Team AFN and her energy and professionalism she brings to her vital role at Team AFN is top level in the industry.

    She is a true pillar to Team AFN. Great job Susie.

    Tony Casillas

    – December 29, 2017

    Christal Dunn gave props to Elysia Bucello

    She is AMAZING!!!! She has made my job originating so much easier knowing that I do not have to babysit a file or worry about it. She gets a file assigned to her and before I know it, we are ordering docs! A pleasure to work with.

    – December 29, 2017

    Noah Kovner gave props to Heather Chakraborty

    Heather is ALWAYS eager and willing to go the extra mile to ensure everything remains on track and on time. If something goes awry she is quick to try and fix it as well without alarming anyone. Thanks, Heather!

    – December 29, 2017

    Kathren Rosales gave props to Kaitlyn Hankins

    Thank you Kaitlyn for taking care of everything for myself and my team. You have been patient with my new employees and a stellar processor who is exceptional at communication, follow up, and pull through. You also have a fabulous personality.

    Me ke aloha pumehana, Ke Akua pu a hui hou

    – December 29, 2017

    Gabriella Savino gave props to Joseph Savino

    Because he is a hard working , caring manager in our branch . Definitely brings a bright vibrant vibe into our office. Gets all his work done and on time and makes sure every customer really does receive their ultimate goal when coming to American financial . He kicks butt with closing loans. Joe Savino really does give his all to his work and that inspires me to be the best that I can be truly!

    – December 29, 2017

    Kathren Rosales gave props to Stephanie Esparza

    Thank you Stephanie for stepping in and assisting for my team’s crazy “after hours” docs issues because we are in Hawaii. We so appreciate you having a team of people that are willing to work with us and make TEAM AFN look awesome! Thank you!

    – December 29, 2017

    Gaby Lockhart gave props to Raul Esparza

    Always friendly and helpful
    finding a way to help us Loan officers to get our answers, that we need so we can be successful
    in our job

    – December 29, 2017

    Paige Gifford gave props to Evan Haddix

    Evan deserves so many props. A prop for each report that he has ever pulled for me, and a prop for each of those to come. He always has a great attitude and I appreciate that about him.

    Thanks Evan! 🙂

    – December 29, 2017

    Gaby Lockhart gave props to Barbara Hasse

    Barbara does a Fantastic job in processing you can count on her and you know the job gets done.
    she is awesome to work with

    – December 29, 2017

    Kathren Rosales gave props to April Hong

    Thank goodness we have April Hong who swoops in like Wonder woman and saves the day! I can’t thank you enough for dissecting a thorny issue and helping to get the loan moving again to closing. She ALWAYS has an amazing “can do” attitude, is respectful, objective and just a super person. Thank you for having her as a resource for AFN employees and do whatever it takes to keep this beautiful lady at AFN!!! Thanks April for being you!

    – December 29, 2017

    Meg Ryan gave props to Mike Matalka

    Mike is a superstar and a true team player. He is always helping out even where he doesn’t need to, out of the goodness of his heart and his love for #teamAFN.
    Thank you for all you do for us, Mike!!!

    – December 29, 2017

    Jomari Mamaradlo gave props to Sarah Melendez

    Sarah is always willing to cover my desk and she’s the nicest person I know.

    – December 29, 2017

    Jennifer Foraker gave props to Tasha Turcotte

    I have worked with Tasha on several NonQM and Jumbo loans now. She is diligent, detailed and responsive. I have seen Tasha work late nights and crazy hours to complete and move files to investors. She helps to think outside of the box and really tries to assist us in closing these loan types. Thank you Tasha! These are not easy loans and they take ALOT of work and patience. You do a wonderful job and are truly an asset to Team AFN.

    – December 29, 2017

    Beth Nugent gave props to Stefanie Matlack

    Stefanie is great to respond to any questions and always willing to jump in and assist even when it is another division. I appreciate her great work ethic.

    – December 29, 2017

    Jonathan Carrico gave props to Tori Cegielski

    Tori is always TeamAFN. One of the best team members we have. She always goes above and Beyond for us! Thank you Tori!

    – December 28, 2017

    Teresa Hutchison gave props to Jessica Haines

    Jessica is very knowledgeable and very responsive. If have a compliance question I know I can email her and have a response within minutes. She is very sweet and easy to work with, which makes my job so much easier!!! Thank you for everything you do Jessica!

    – December 27, 2017

    Nasim Mashhadi gave props to Nicole Moraga

    amazing processor, never seems to fail 🙂

    – December 25, 2017

    George Raymondo gave props to Matthew Larson

    Matt has consistently demonstrated leadership, commitment, and dedication that goes beyond the call. I am lucky to be part of the AFN Family and especially a member of his team.

    – December 22, 2017

    Marc Tapley gave props to Anthoni Davis

    Anthoni has been extremely responsive and proactive during our first transaction together with AFN! Thank you Ant!!

    – December 22, 2017

    Joey Montes gave props to Penny Perusse

    For overseeing processing and it’s various parts, while working with upper management to better the process and environmental culture of our work place.
    She is encouraging, fair and honest. You know where you stand with her at all times. Her ability to empathize makes her the best boss I have ever had – no joke.

    – December 22, 2017

    Joey Montes gave props to William Sohanaki

    For taking on new responsibilities of disclosing for every loan while training his replacement. William never makes mistakes. he is always on point.
    He may grumble a bit now and then but, he knows his stuff and ensures every loan that can go through – will go through. He is one smart cat.

    – December 22, 2017

    Joey Montes gave props to Rita Rodriguez

    For stepping up and taking on new roles, and developing the skills necessary to navigating the languages, interfaces & responsibilities of that role.
    Her humility and eagerness to learn allows her to benefit from her mistakes and broaden the scope of her successes.

    – December 22, 2017