AFN’s Wall of Props

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    Joey Montes gave props to Penny Perusse

    Penny is resilient. Penny is tenacious. Penny is resourceful but often she is THE main resource. She adapts to change and open to new, different ideas. She is fair but, holds people accountable. Penny does not blame. She is only interested in the solution; moving forward; progress.
    Penny leads by example, making this place a better more healthy place to work.

    – July 27, 2018

    Amber Carpenter gave props to Aric French

    Our branch manager Aric has been working so much lately to get us up and running, and he has stayed so positive through the entire process. He is supportive and resourceful and my coworkers and I actually love coming to work everyday. He goes above and beyond to make us feel important and appreciated and to make sure we have everything we need to be successful. This is not just a job to us. We care more about the success of him and this branch than we do about the money. I am so happy to be a part of Team AFN and grateful to be under such an amazing manager!

    – July 27, 2018

    Joey Montes gave props to Alejandra Vazquez

    Alex is fierce. She is like a walking guideline book. Do not let her sunny disposition fool you – she is fierce: Hard working, dedicated and tenacious. She hold us all accountable and raises the bar here – pulling us all up to here level (kicking and screaming). She inspires us to be better processors, perform higher and more efficiently everyday. Alejandra’s presence provides our branch distinction as a credible, ethical mortgage lender. 🙂

    – July 27, 2018

    Joey Montes gave props to Jorge Vazquez

    Jorge is as solid as they come. He takes the time to help you understand your mistakes and shows you how to avoid them in the future. He is a dedicated hard worker whose positivity encourages production. This is a better place to work because of him.

    – July 27, 2018

    Roberto Kelly gave props to David Johnson

    We just had our first file with Dave. He’s a new UW at AFN just like we’re a new branch at AFN.

    He possesses great UW knowledge and he’s always available to give feedback. What else can you ask for in an UW. A true team player…

    Thanks Dave!

    – July 27, 2018

    Martin Wilson gave props to Michelle Catano

    Michelle’s consistent positive attitude, relentless work ethic, and passion & willingness to go the extra mile to process loans thru, and to help others in accomplishing the same, are unmatched! She is also a tremendous leader & mentor on the floor, and our branch is extremely fortunate to have her!!! Thank you Michelle!!

    – July 27, 2018

    Roberto Kelly gave props to Sash Budakyan

    He is an amazing UW, always there to try and figure things out. He’s very smart! This is the type of teammate any originator would want to have on their corner. At our Branch, we look forward working with him for a very long time! #TeamSash

    – July 27, 2018

    Elaine Henderson gave props to Mark Giangrande

    Mark Giangrande is a true asset to AFN. He has assisted us in many issues we have had on our loans. He will answer his phone and get right to business. Love working with this gentleman. Thanks Mark for all you do.

    – July 27, 2018

    Andrea Giles gave props to Steven White

    Steven has been consistent with submitting disclosures and showing diligence on the phone and obtaining documents to move things along. His attitude has always remained positive with transitions and changes, and shows true patience. Job well done, Steven White!

    – July 27, 2018

    Amy Mercado gave props to Michael Gossman

    Mike is the hardest working processor I have every met. He gets to the office before anyone and stays after hours if need be. He truly cares about every customer and pushes all day to make things work. He’s knowledgeable but most importantly he backs me up daily! With out him I would not look as good as I do as a MLO. Thank you Mike everyday for what you do and who you are!

    – July 27, 2018

    Heather Craig gave props to Jeremy Longman

    Jeremy always finds a way to get the job done!

    His Team Work does make this Dream work!

    I am very grateful to have Jeremy by my side to navigate through each file with efficiency.

    My goal is to make our customers feel at ease with my commitment to their success, and Jeremy helps me to achieve that.

    Thank you Jeremy!

    – July 27, 2018

    Robyn Williams gave props to Stephen Tessier

    Stephen is an exceptional Mortgage Specialist. He is well engaged with his borrowers and does not hesitate to do whatever it takes to provide his customers with exceptional service. He thinks outside the box and goes over and above to deliver. He is a true AFN Team member. He is always willing to jump in and help his processor or closer to collect any document needed and helps to maintain constant communication with the borrower. I speak for the processing staff when I say that we welcome his files. Thank you Stephen for being such an awesome team member !!

    – July 27, 2018

    Heather Craig gave props to Debra Barron

    I appreciate Debra’s commitment to our success.

    Knowing that I can count on Debra to move quickly, esp. when a borrower’s file is ready for the final clear to close required review, alleviates a huge amount of stress as we work to meet our closing date deadlines on our purchase files.

    Thank you Debra for making my job a little easier!

    – July 27, 2018

    John Inghram gave props to Cameron Saranczak

    Cameron consistently preforms at a high level of professionalism, you can always find him emailing clients and his L/O’s long after he has left the office.

    – July 27, 2018

    Beth Nugent gave props to Bruce Scott

    Bruce is always proactive with the branches and willing to go the extra mile. I appreciate his pleasant personality and all he does for this division.

    – July 27, 2018

    julie waldron gave props to stephany garcia

    while Stephany is a newer processor here she seems like a seasoned pro. does a great job of explaining conditions, (doesn’t just copy and paste:)) gets files in quickly, answers her phone, great on compliance, and always willing to help on a file. great addition to AFN.

    – July 27, 2018

    Beth Nugent gave props to Diane Endicott

    Diane is always willing to lend a helping hand when trying to accommodate branch requests. She is proactive when working files and works well with others. I am giving her props for her hard work with our division.

    – July 27, 2018

    Liz Attara gave props to Christian Moran

    Props Chris…you make the deals I do for you easy to disclose and easy to open! Perfect 1003’s all the time!
    You really hustle!

    – July 27, 2018

    Alma Orihuela gave props to Marife Faye Mamaradlo

    Faye has been an exceptional doc drawer to this branch since day 1! We love working with her and she doesn’t like to leave until the job is done. Her work ethic is one of a kind!

    – July 27, 2018

    Beth Nugent gave props to Casey Hasley

    Casey is very knowledgeable and always willing to lend a helping hand to the branches to accommodate rush closings. She is a true asset to our division .

    – July 26, 2018

    Beth Nugent gave props to Jeanne Barrett

    Jeanne is a very hard working underwriter, she is always willing to help out when trying to assist branches with rush closings. No matter how busy and stressful the day, she is always pleasant. A true asset to our department.

    – July 26, 2018

    Beth Nugent gave props to Darrin Tobias

    Darrin displays exceptional work ethic and is always willing to help out the branches or other underwriters. He is true asset to our department.

    – July 26, 2018

    madison bryant gave props to Barbara McGee

    Barb is a ROCK STAR!! She figured out how to satisfy some pretty difficult condo department conditions, without being asked, as I was very close to throwing my hands up in defeat. She got this approval done for the client and saved the day. This is what TEAM AFN is all about, teamwork, without having to ask, with the main goal being customer service to our borrowers. She deserves recognition for her dedication, intellect and her quick-witted humor that keeps us smiling through stressful times.

    STAY GOLDEN, you are a superstar!!!

    – July 26, 2018

    Tracie DeMilio gave props to Faye Marmaradlo

    Faye does her job quickly & efficiently. She is a team player & always goes the extra mile to be a support for the branch. When I see her name assigned to my file, I know it is going to get done. Thank you Faye!!!

    – July 25, 2018

    Yvette Hidalgo gave props to Kirstin Rowley

    Thank you for all of your help and fabulous creativity. You are always willing to help with last minute projects and do it with a smile.

    I appreciate all you do!

    – July 25, 2018

    Brie Fletcher gave props to Angela Portis

    Angela is always meeting or exceeding the standards our team has for providing a high-level of service to all parties in the transaction. She takes initiative, never complains, and is solution focused. A real Team Player! We have been through a few other processors within the company and Angela has proved herself to be part of the Elite. On behalf of my entire team, I’d like to give props Angela for all she does.

    – July 23, 2018

    Anthony Casillas gave props to Mike Matalka

    Mike was absolutely phenomenal in this last weeks Team AFN Forum Tour Event in Blacklick Ohio with Jack Sherman and myself.
    His coordination with Ashlee Shields was absolutely way above and beyond in the vision and coordination of the event.
    Whenever I spend time with Mike at any Team AFN Event he epitomizes what it means to be gracious and is overflowing with the Team AFN mentality. Mike epitomizes what Team AFN is all about. Even though Mike is beyond busy, he always finds time to make sure that Jack and myself are always taken care of and comfortable even though we are far away from home.
    Mike always make me feel like I’m at home.
    Mike even used his presentation skills and supported the presentation team with his valuable insight and also MC’d the event and made sure the entire team was taken care of even though his phone “never” stops. Mike is not only a very powerful National Divisional Leader but Mike has incredible Core Values and is always available for all at Team AFN.
    Mike, thank you with all of my Team AFN Heart. You are awesome and the man.

    Anthony Casillas
    Team AFN Ambassador

    – July 20, 2018

    Anthony Casillas gave props to Ashlee Shields

    Ashlee was instrumental in the marketing and planning for the AFN Forum Tour Event #4 in Ohio this past week. I believe it was the most powerful AFN Forum Tour Event with Jack Sherman and myself to date.
    She is absolutely incredible with what she brings to Team AFN on a professional level, but the key to Ashlee is she truly get’s it. She is always ready to support the vision at the highest level and is always pleasant every single moment. Ashlee even brought her presentation skills to the forefront when I asked her to be a part of the presentation team with Jack Sherman and myself for the Blacklick Branch of Ohio. She was also really good at Axethrowing….lol.

    Plus she was instrumental in the marketing of the 4th AFN National Mentorship Team which again sold out. She is able to understand my vision and create something special from that vision so people can see it. I believe that’s what Marketing is all about.

    Thank you so much Ashlee for all you do for Team AFN.

    Anthony Casillas
    Team AFN Ambassador

    – July 20, 2018

    Anthony Casillas gave props to Stacy Ramirez

    Stacy went above and beyond in supporting all the travel arrangements for Jack Sherman and I on during our recent Forum Tour Event in Ohio this past week. She was efficient and always pleasant and she definitely understands what it means to support Team AFN. She was instrumental in getting Jack and I home when there was some serious delays with our plane ride home and she handled the pressure like a true Team AFN Champion. Stacy….Thank you from Jack Sherman and myself.

    Have a great Team AFN Day

    Anthony Casillas
    Team AFN Ambassador

    – July 20, 2018

    Kimber Shan gave props to Victor Tapia

    Victor, does everything he can to complete task in a timely manner.

    Even last minute request he will jump in and give it all his attention.

    He is an asset to the team and I for one am lucky to work with him.


    – July 20, 2018

    Samuel J Falvo gave props to Anna Demartino-Birch

    Has processed several loans for me and is quick, knowledgeable, keeps me and client informed in a timely manner. Easy to work with.

    – July 20, 2018

    Joe Stefani gave props to Jaime Bowen

    Jaime has been amazing, we truly appreciate the way she has stepped in and helped us with the processing of our loans as we make the transition over to AFN.

    – July 20, 2018

    Tori Treyes gave props to Ted Clavel

    Ted is the friendliest. He always goes above and beyond and deals with everyone’s HANGRY attitudes. I appreciate you, Ted. Thanks for everything you do, Gordon Ramsey!

    – July 20, 2018

    robert chain gave props to Devan Wagsstaff

    Hard worker with a good personality.

    – July 20, 2018

    Audrey Lawrence gave props to Seth Daniels

    Thank you Seth for always checking in on me and making me feel a part of the AFN Team. It’s not easy getting acclimated to a new industry.
    I really appreciate all you do!

    Thank you

    – July 20, 2018

    Lindsey Banghart gave props to Rachel Hull

    Rachel is awesome. I love working with her. She makes things happen, and she has such a great attitude. 😀

    – July 20, 2018

    Jared Rogers gave props to Casey Hasley

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Getting difficult files to be cleared is not an easy task so thank you again for being there and helping get past any issues we have in our day to day activities!

    – July 20, 2018

    Casey Strafaci gave props to Janna Lopes

    Always comes in with a positive outlook and attitude. Her energy
    radiates to everyone around her.
    Great job Janna!

    – July 20, 2018

    Lindsey Banghart gave props to Chuck Rinaldi

    Chuck always has a smile for me, or a word of encouragement. He is always professional and kind. Thank you Chuck, for being awesome!

    – July 20, 2018

    Jenn Cutler gave props to Raymond Fuller

    Welcome aboard and great to be working together again. Ray is a great motivator and always has a positive attitude. He always has a smile on his face an a witty reply to end every situation with good intent. Thanks Ray!!!

    – July 20, 2018

    Kassidy Townes gave props to Caleb Lutsch

    I have to give Caleb props for getting our new branch in Arlington ready and handling everything. We will be up and running next week and he has is a perfect example of what every boss should be…positive about the unknown and able to handle the stress that comes with a new branch with a great attitude. Thanks Caleb!

    – July 20, 2018

    Lindsey Banghart gave props to Drea Giles

    Drea always has a good attitude, and makes every file flow so smoothly. She goes the extra mile help our guests, and she has helped me to understand more about the whole process. Thanks Drea. You’re a great team player!

    – July 20, 2018

    Noel Ziegler gave props to Barbara Soriano

    Barbara, thank you so much for always being ready to jump in and help me when I hit a wall. I really appreciate it .

    – July 20, 2018

    Noel Ziegler gave props to Bernedette Campos

    Thank you for jumping in when I need you to and answering all of my questions.

    – July 20, 2018

    Noel Ziegler gave props to Linda Neal

    Thank you Linda for always be so helpful and answering all my questions. You are wonderful to work with and an awesome person!

    – July 20, 2018

    Jamie Tritz gave props to MaryGrace Ewart

    Marygrace is simply amazing at what she does. She works hard, fast and efficient. Once the file is moved over I honestly don’t have to worry about anything because she is all over it. She follows up with everyone, friendly, and a great person. She is a perfect example of a team player and I would not know how to stay on top of it without her.

    – July 20, 2018

    Kia Coppedge gave props to Katie Ryan

    Katie, with ease, completed the Approval for use of a major DPA program for the Washington DC Market. I’m so grateful to be a part of this awesome company and staff.

    – July 20, 2018

    Danielle Noldon gave props to Joanne Mendoza

    For always keeping positive energy in the office.

    – July 20, 2018

    Danielle Noldon gave props to Stephany Garcia

    For always being a team player!

    – July 20, 2018

    Zachary Hamman gave props to Tracie DeMilio

    Tracie is doing an amazing job!!!

    Hiring Tracie is like hiring 3 people. She is extremely fast, efficient, dedicated, focused, knowledgeable and truly cares about our clients.

    As a processor, she prefers to call clients instead of simply sending an email. This alone has cut days off of our turn times. Some days her phone rings more than mine and clients love her!

    She also asks all clients for referrals. One client refinanced 2 additional homes with us due to her asking. That client also referred a friend who is doing their loan with us now.

    Can’t say enough – thank you Tracie for all of your hard work and dedication!!

    – July 20, 2018