AFN’s Wall of Props

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    Sarah Melendez gave props to Ryan Matlack

    Ryan always goes above and beyond when it comes to helping anyone he can!

    – December 22, 2017

    Madison Bryant gave props to Mark Voss

    Mark is a tremendous support system for our entire Raleigh branch and all other branches we process for. It means a lot for all of our team to know that he has our backs and shows the gratitude that only dream bosses can provide! We donโ€™t know what weโ€™d do without him in so many ways, in our professional lives or personal ones. He would truly give each and every one of us the shirt off of his back. He also has an amazing ability to get things done when anyone gets stuck. Thank you SO MUCH, Mark!! TEAM AFN!!

    – December 22, 2017

    Raul Esparza gave props to Ryan Matlack

    Ryan is an up and coming player in the Data Support scene. His willingness to help is astounding as well as his willingness to learn. Steve Jobs once said, “Quality is much better than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” Ryan is always a home run.

    – December 22, 2017

    Brandon Johnson gave props to Ryan Matlack

    Ryan always goes above and beyond to make sure we are able to give Team AFN the best service possible. He is always quick to respond to our requests and never hesitates to dive into a problem to find a solution. Thank you for your help Ryan!

    – December 22, 2017

    Annie Ortiz gave props to David Do

    The best trainer I’ve ever had. David (a.ka. the goat) is amazing!!!!!

    – December 22, 2017

    Veronica Urieta gave props to Tori Tashiro

    Great team player and has a can do it attitude!

    – December 22, 2017

    Jennifer Foraker gave props to Rita Romaker

    Rita is an AWESOME underwriter and we are lucky to have her at AFN. She is detail oriented, knowledgeable and always maintains a speedy turn time. Thank you RITA for being a part of the AFN Team. We appreciate you SO MUCH!

    – December 22, 2017

    Micheal Foraker gave props to Michael Fleming

    Michael took the time out of his busy schedule to assist me with getting my direction set on a proper course. I was pretty lost and unsure where to turn…Michael not only pointed me in the right direction but also showed me a couple of cool tools to help out.

    Thanks to Michael, I’m more confident on how to achieve my 2018 goals…you ROCK Michael!

    – December 22, 2017

    Micheal Foraker gave props to Brian Marchica

    Brian is an amazing asset and always willing to take time to help out others. I had specific questions and knew he’d have the knowledge and experience to help out.

    Thanks to Brian and his willingness to help, I have the direction to grab this bull by the horns.

    – December 22, 2017

    Jennifer Foraker gave props to Jessica Haines

    Jessica ALWAYS goes above and beyond to assist with compliance conditions. She responds quickly to emails and any questions we have for compliance. Thank you Jessica for being a great team player! You are most appreciated!!!

    – December 22, 2017

    Tami Walsh gave props to Beth Nugent

    Beth has been the backbone of my existence on a daily basis. She is always ready to jump in and help, find an answer or just lend an ear when needed. She keeps a pleasant upbeat attitude regardless of the tasks that may be at hand, and calms the waters when you need it the most! She is such a pleasure to work with and makes each one of her underwriters feel connected (working remote can be difficult sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    and appreciated. She expects more of us than standard which helps make us better at what we do but always keeps clear communication with expectations and overall daily workflow. Unfortunately, because of how she navigates between departments to get solutions or is in the background of all the details that may be requiring managements input she is sometimes not recognized as the facilitator tied it all together and it goes unnoticed a lot of the time ( I feel)
    I just would like to thank her for always answering the phone, willing to help or listen and setting the bar high so we become better in all aspects. Thank you Beth!

    – December 21, 2017

    Annamarie Assaf gave props to River Mitchell

    River is an absolute fantastic underwriter. Always going above and beyond! AFN is lucky to have such a hardworking team member.

    – December 15, 2017

    Jonathan Carrico gave props to Jessica Haines

    Jessica helped clear us in a pinch and got us cleared so we could fund on time. Thank you so much!

    – December 08, 2017

    Raven Hartog-Hall gave props to Kathren Rosales

    Kathy, you have been nothing short of AMAZINGLY supportive since the day I came on-board. Starting at a new company is always a little daunting with all the new procedures, etc. to learn, but from DAY 1, you have been positive, encouraging, knowledgeable, and have given me the encouragement and belief that I can reach unlimited heights with this company. You believing in me (and expressing it!) means the world. Thank you for being a person that I can’t WAIT to be around, and I look forward to everything our team will achieve together! What a GREAT work environment!

    – December 07, 2017

    Raven Hartog-Hall gave props to Kaitlyn Hankins

    THANK YOU Kaitlyn for helping me through my first loan with AFN. Every company is different and it takes some getting used to the differences from working at my previous company. You were SO patient with me, and extremely efficient, and because of your help, we will CLOSE ESCROW in less than 30 days from start to finish. You are a WINNER and I am so stoked to have the opportunity to work with you.

    – December 07, 2017

    Raven Hartog-Hall gave props to Josh Vega

    Thanks Josh for working late to get docs out so that borrowers in Hawaii time zone can sign at 8am tomorrow. TOTAL team effort and I really appreciate you working into the night to accommodate. I appreciate your “whatever it takes” attitude! Thanks for seeing it through!

    – December 07, 2017

    Stefanie Wynne gave props to Jessica Haines

    I have had a few urgent compliance questions/issues pop up on files and Jessica has been able to respond to all of them really quickly so that we were able to close on time. I wanted to let her know it was appreciated!

    – December 07, 2017

    Jonathan Carrico gave props to Tori Cegielski

    Totally not Tori’s responsibility but she is such a stud and found out the info i needed. It was out of her department but got the answer and got our people paid! You ROCK! #TeamAFN

    – December 04, 2017

    Tori Cegislski gave props to Ted Clavel

    Ted is amazing! He goes above and beyond to keep everyone happy. He is a true professional and the real MVP.

    – December 01, 2017

    MARY WRIGHT gave props to Steve Moudy

    Steve is so helpful!
    Always doing so much for us, even though he never asks us for anything.
    Always willing to answer our questions and help us with our urgent…. and not so urgent requests and is never annoyed about it ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s a very good sport, that’s for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

    thanks Steve!

    – December 01, 2017

    Tori Cegielski gave props to Steve Moudy

    Steve is the best! He always has a good attitude and is willing to help me with my silly computer requests. Thanks for being you, Steve!

    – December 01, 2017

    Jenn Cutler gave props to Nick Dempsey

    Nick is not only a great co-worker but a friend, he helped me this morning with a puppy dilemma that has been on my mind. I am grateful for co-workers who become friends that ARE Family. Blessed to be in the Costa Mesa Branch! Thanks Nick for your help.

    – November 29, 2017

    Courtney Nance gave props to MIguel Nanez

    Miguel has been so helpful and kind since my computer stopped working correctly. He has stuck with me and done everything he could possibly think of to help me, and it hasn’t been easy. I don’t know what i would’ve done without someone as committed as he is. Thanks Miguel!

    – November 28, 2017

    Morgan Sweat gave props to Anthony Rondinelli

    Anthony rocks! He is always willing to assist whenever I have an error on my time card (which is often I have to admit). Thank you for saving my paycheck and I time and time again!

    – November 28, 2017

    Jonathan Carrico gave props to Erica Ramirez

    I was late on a payroll update and Erica was able to squeeze me in so I could pay our employees. Thank you Erica.

    – November 27, 2017

    Morgan Sweat gave props to Annamarie Assaf

    Annamarie has made my transition into the mortgage industry smooth and enjoyable as she has spent countless hours showing me the ropes. She is patient and accepting of my questions when I am unsure of what I am gathering. Annamarie is a great rolemodel and I have been fortunate to be working under her care in this company.

    – November 27, 2017

    Tori Treyes gave props to Megan Miller

    Megan has been SUPERRRR helpful in training me. She’s so patient and although I feel like I ask questions all day long, nonstop… she is always there to walk me through things with a smile! Thank you so much for everything!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    – November 22, 2017

    Susie Sensenbach gave props to Tori Cegielski

    Tori is the ultimate teammate. She works so hard to give the BEST customer service, but she also works hard to help all of her co-workers. She epitomizes TEAMAFN. We thank you for not only being so loyal to your team and the company, for all of your team work and personal hard work! Go Tori!

    – November 22, 2017

    Madison Bryant gave props to Barbara McGee

    Barb makes the work day enjoyable, even under high stress conditions, with her quick wit and can-do attitude. She’s very committed to her job and goes above and beyond the call of duty, every day. We wouldn’t know what to do without her here, we love you Barb! stay golden and thank you for all of your hard work

    – November 22, 2017

    Madison Bryant gave props to Karen Gonzalez

    Karen is truly a indispensable asset to our processing team. Even when her workload is extremely high (which is all the time) she is always dedicated to our borrowers 100%. She’s also a joy to work with and a genuinely amazing person all around. Keep up the good work, Karen!!

    – November 22, 2017

    Madison Bryant gave props to Erin Marshall

    Erin works extremely hard for our borrowers and loan officers to ensure timely closings with the least amount of stress possible for the parties involved. She’s also a tremendous asset to our processing office with her “team-player” mindset. Erin’s commitment to her position is ineffable!! Keep up the food work!

    – November 22, 2017

    Yesie Paulsen gave props to Kathleen Ryan

    Kathleen is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and always helpful when ever I reach out to her for help.

    – November 21, 2017

    Carrie Blue gave props to Matthew Alexander

    I couldn’t have had my baby and know that my loans would close ok without him! He has gone above and beyond to help me every step of the way and I am eternally grateful. Thank you Matt for helping make this huge transition.

    – November 21, 2017

    MARY WRIGHT gave props to BRIAN ELLER




    – November 21, 2017

    Leon Ezzell gave props to Kalyn Drinkwater

    Kalyn does Great at every task that she is given. She steps into every new role with enthusiasm. Keep up the good work Kalyn!

    – November 21, 2017

    Nicholas Gallicchio gave props to River Mitchell

    River is just the best and allows for the best and efficient production. He truly is what TEAM AFN is supposed to represent. I have nothing but gratitude for him and is work!

    – November 20, 2017

    Nicholas Gallicchio gave props to James Mckee

    Jim is a true pro and essential part of getting loans closed and closed efficiently. He truly is irreplaceable

    – November 20, 2017

    John Lassere gave props to Joshua Montano

    Two words: Initiative and receptivity.

    Joshua has taken such initiative and done so much to help me transition into my role at AFN. Unprompted, he requested and followed through with getting me an official corporate phone and headset. Since I work remotely as a developer, this meant a lot to me and made me feel much more a part of the AFN team, all the more so since he did it on his own. He also has been proactive in keeping me in the loop and following up with me about projects, communicating questions and areas for adjustment, and does so while keeping a friendly but professional demeanor.

    He’s also been receptive to new implementation methods for the coding behind our projects, giving me the chance to explore ways to make Encompass assemblies and form coding more efficient and easier to maintain. As our team has grown to include two new people, he also was receptive to how we can better collaborate as developers. He helped us get GitHub, a best-in-class version control management service, and took the initiative to reach out to us for thoughts on how we can collectively manage our resources efficiently.

    Joshua’s initiative and receptivity make me feel welcome at AFN, and further motivate me to perform above expectations. He’s someone you want to do well for, because he goes out of his way to do well for you.

    – November 17, 2017

    Jacob Emmel gave props to Denise Wisnewski

    Denise is the most dedicated, hard working underwriters I have ever worked with. The pride and ownership in her work and team she takes is amazing!!!

    – November 17, 2017

    Todd Edgar gave props to Tinika Harrup

    She leads a team that provides “OUTSTANDING ” internal customer service for us and is always there answering the tuff questions that I have with a fast response.

    – November 17, 2017

    Sean Browning gave props to Raul Esparza

    Anything and Everything I ask…and I ask a Lot in regards to our structure, who does what and where and where our resources are to learn about AFN …Raul is my go to guy and he ALWAYS delivers the insight and pathway to help me do my job. He is the Best and I am Thankful for him each and every day!

    – November 17, 2017

    David Ross gave props to Yvette Hidalgo

    Excellent response time, great customer service, friendly, knowledgeable and going out of her way to assist me.
    Thank you

    – November 17, 2017

    Ashley Potts gave props to John D’Onofrio & Matthew Schultz

    To our fearless leaders! You deserve all the props. You both work countless hours,give all your time, dedication and gladly give 110% to all of our branches and employees.There are not enough words to say thank you.

    – November 17, 2017

    Ashley Potts gave props to Cameron Saranczak

    Hey! You deserve so many props! You work hard and it shows. Keep it up!! And you have some pretty sweet dance moves too.

    – November 17, 2017

    Ashley Potts gave props to Roseanne Stankovitz

    To my office neighbor, partner in crime, and all around friend. You rock, keep doing what you’re doing starshine! You work hard and it shows.

    – November 17, 2017

    Jaime Bowen gave props to Cheryl Aganowski

    Cheryl is always at the ready to help and replies quickly! She makes my job easier and is a great asset to AFN. She is greatly appreciated and I hope she realizes it!

    – November 17, 2017

    Angelica Serrano gave props to Denise Wisnewski

    Great communication skills, Hard worker, quick turn times,

    – November 17, 2017

    Joey Montes gave props to Kevin Iribarren

    His positivity and insight. He leads by example and genuinely inspires the people around him to want to perform well for him. Happy workers = productivity increases!

    – November 17, 2017

    Nicole Moraga gave props to Rolland Alexander

    I just wanted to say Thank You Rolland for everything that you do. Youโ€™re great at what you do, not to mention SO helpful! You play a huge part in helping move files quickly to close with compliance being a big part of our loans. You always a have a positive attitude, a smile on your face and are here to help during times when it matters the most!

    I appreciate you, your time, and knowledge you provide on all of my files. I know our loan officers and branch managers appreciate it also. AFN is truly lucky to have you!

    Keep up the awesome work Rolland !

    – November 17, 2017

    Erin Marshall gave props to Madison Bryant

    Madison continues to go above and beyond every day to make sure our borrowers, processors, loan officers… everyone she interacts with on a daily basis have what is needed to ensure a timely and stress free closing. We love her and donโ€™t know what we would do without her.

    Madison you are AMAZING!!

    – November 17, 2017