AFN’s Wall of Props

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    MARY WRIGHT gave props to JAMES [217]

    James is always so helpful and very quick (which we appreciate more than he knows! ) always answers the phone and is just always there to assist Ashley and I with the things we don’t have access to or answers we don’t have. Truly an awesome team member and asset to AFN.
    Keep doin what you’re doin!

    – April 05, 2018

    Sherri Sensenbach gave props to Gurpreet [217]

    I would like to give thanks to Gurpreet for the implementation of our newest system concur. She is an excel genius! Not only for this particular project, props for the responsibilities of Treasurer. Gurpreet is a hard working perfectionist who is always helpful and knowledgeable. She also has a heart of gold <3

    – April 04, 2018

    Jonathan Carrico gave props to Jeff [217]

    Jeff is relentless, he tracked down the issue and was able to fix it and get our people notified.

    – April 04, 2018

    derek schaffer gave props to Barbara [217]

    She helped finish up some urgent files while another person was out. Could’t have gotten them done without her help!!

    – April 04, 2018

    Derek Peters gave props to Trenton [217]

    Trenton is a vital part of our team!! He is always available and ready to help with any file. He is the glue that holds opps and sales together. Wouldn’t trade him for anybody!

    – April 03, 2018

    Gina McGinley gave props to Fey [217]

    Fey is always so helpful, she answers quickly. She isn’t assigned to my Branch anymore but every time I reach out to her for help she is always quick with an answer and sends helpful tools for me to use.

    – April 03, 2018

    AMANDA BEAM gave props to DIANA [217]

    Diana received my file on Thursday and had them submitted by Friday, and we got clean approvals today. You are awesome!

    – April 02, 2018

    AMANDA BEAM gave props to MORGAN [217]

    Morgan is helping out our branch, got two of my files disclosed and packaged and to processing within 24 hours, She is AWESOME.

    – April 02, 2018

    Jennifer Foraker gave props to Dorota [217]

    Last day of the month…short handed…and Dorota Huber worked ALL DAY to get docs drawn as fast as she possibly could go. It wasn’t easy, but THANK YOU for being professional, patient and enduring. Even with all the emails and rushes, Dorota ALWAYS replied in a respectful manner to AFN peeps AND our customers. This speaks volumes! Thanks again Dorota! You did great. 🙂

    – April 02, 2018

    Madison Bryant gave props to Kalyn [217]

    Kalyn is an amazing asset to our team. She is highly organized, professional, courteous and an absolute pleasure to work with. My favorite thing about working with her is her ability to make you laugh at the end of the month when things are NUTS in the office. She’s doing a tremendous job in Kinston and should be recognized for it. Keep up the good work!

    – March 30, 2018

    Derek Schaffer gave props to Howard [217]

    Howard is a rock star processor. He always gets the job done!

    – March 29, 2018

    derek schaffer gave props to Angela [217]

    She is doing an awesome job with our files, and went the extra mile to make sure they were finished up late!

    – March 29, 2018

    Elizabeth Nance gave props to Bernadette Campos [217]

    Bernadette always goes above and beyond to get our closing done even when they are a nightmare. I truly appreciate her every day.

    – March 28, 2018

    Walter Wakeman gave props to Jessica [217]

    Jessica is a fountain of knowledge! If knowing the deepest workings of compliance were gold, Jess would be starting a new gold rush. An amazing asset to AFN!

    – March 28, 2018

    Jessica Cuccia gave props to Tori [217]

    Tori is an absolute pleasure to work with. She displays acts of good character, initiative, drive & passion in the workplace. I’m happy to have worked with her at AFN in the past and even more happy to still have her on my team (so to speak). She is always available to answer any questions and go above & beyond even if the task isn’t necessarily hers to complete. Tori is constantly displaying what it means to be a hard-working individual with charisma & focus. I’m proud to call her my friend. Love you Tori, you deserve all the props in the world! <3

    – March 27, 2018

    Basil Leonetti gave props to Basil [217]

    Zuriel is continually a HUGE source of support for my entire branch. Some deals are more challenging than others, and when we run into issues, Zuriel has always stepped up and gotten involved to get the deal closed. Lehigh Valley truly appreciates everything you do!

    – March 26, 2018

    Leon Garcia gave props to Jaime [217]

    Jaime’s communication with the loan officers is outstanding. Jaime is a pleasure to work with she makes the process flow smoothly enabling the loan officers to go and originate more loans!

    – March 24, 2018

    Maria Cummins gave props to Meagen [217]

    It’s the little things that get us through our work day. Like going in to insure a loan and seeing Meagan Ferrin as the funder. It brings a smile to my face becuase I know this is going to be a low-condition loan. Even though I’ve never even spoken to Meagan, I really appreciate her hard work and attention to detail on the loans. Just wanted to let her know that her awesome job makes mine happier. 🙂

    – March 24, 2018

    Robert Zimmer gave props to Rita [217]

    Rita goes above and beyond her job duties in assisting our operations team with a certain tenacity and enthusiasm that carries throughout the whole office.

    She is even our office candy distributor 🙂

    – March 23, 2018

    Joe Savino gave props to Sarah [217]

    1st processed loan and CTC within 3 weeks of start date!

    – March 23, 2018

    Gustavo Molina gave props to John [217]

    I am a new Loan Officer to AFN. March is my first originating month and John helped me transition smoothly and closed the contracts that came in very efficiently. He was very positive and supportive the whole time. Made me feel very welcomed.

    – March 23, 2018

    Susan Hoesman gave props to Jessica [217]

    Jessica is always there when we need her. She is always willing to help out in the time of needed!

    – March 23, 2018

    Barbie Velazquez Garcia gave props to Jacqueline [217]

    She is always helping me with any issues and explains everything. Thanks for all your help:)

    – March 23, 2018

    Susan Hoesman gave props to Kimberly [217]

    Kim has been great at getting closing packages out quickly. This month is getting a little crazy and she is handling it with great ease!

    – March 23, 2018

    Penny Warren gave props to Elizabeth [217]

    Liz is always helpful, caring and goes the extra mile every day. She cares about her team and our clients!

    – March 23, 2018

    Melissa Decatur gave props to Branden [217]

    Branden is awesome! Thanks for being a great teamworker!

    – March 23, 2018

    Jael Zelada gave props to Casey [217]

    Casey- We had a super rush file that had to close due to a 1031 exchance on the seller side. Casey was on it and i love the fact that she doesn’t mind answering questions to walk us thru. Great teamwork.

    – March 23, 2018

    Jael Zelada gave props to Beth [217]

    Beth- Has help on answer some questions i have had that i had to get answers from management. I am not familiar with Encompass or AFN way and a lot of the process is new Beth has help on answer my questions that i have had even at late hours of the day.

    – March 23, 2018

    DEBORAH MOLINA gave props to Cynthia [217]

    I love working with Cynthia! She is ALWAYS so helpful and kind. she always has a smile and a great attitude!

    – March 23, 2018

    Jael Zelada gave props to Tami [217]

    Tami stayed working late on some of my files and we were over the phone working out some kinks late in the evening making sure we could clear to close the loan. Thank you for your help.

    – March 23, 2018

    Chris Conlon gave props to Mike [217]

    Mike is like a star athlete of support, besides putting up the best company numbers, he blocks and tackles with us in the trenches everyday!

    Mikes support is a big part of why we are able to cross the goal line as often as we do!


    – March 23, 2018

    Joe Morgan gave props to Tasha [217]

    I just closed a Difficult jumbo Loan. This was not Tasha’s Underwrite but she was well versed with the investor, She jumped in and helped all the way through ! I do not believe we would have closed without her…
    Thank You Tasha !!!

    – March 23, 2018

    Tony Cat gave props to Tracy [217]

    Tracy is a solution oriented mortgage processor who goes above and beyond the norm to close a transaction. Recently she saved the day on a $550,000 purchase builder deal, filled with numerous bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and glitches; Tracy diligently provided her consulting expertise, combined with efficient communication to all internal and external parties; resulting in a late night close to save the day. Tracy, thanks for all you do!!! much regards, Tony

    – March 23, 2018

    Jael Zelada gave props to Eva [217]

    Eva has been working extra hours to make sure the loans are worked on despite all the pressure we all put on her on sales side. Despite how hard a file a loan may be she is always willing and wanting to help. To be in our mortgage world it takes patience , dedication and Eva has demonstrated that.

    – March 23, 2018

    Melissa Decatur gave props to Loren [217]

    Loren is crushing sales! Super collaborative for newbies and mentoring!

    – March 23, 2018

    Casey Strafaci gave props to Robert [217]

    Very helpful and knowledgeable. Always positive and ready to help with anything that is needed!

    – March 23, 2018

    Michelle gave props to Mary [217]

    I would like to let Mary Wright know how much I appreciate and enjoy working with her. She has helped me so much since I started working for AFN and I cannot thank her enough for her patience with me. Mary is incredible at her job, I could not have started this journey without her!

    – March 23, 2018

    Mary Wright gave props to Ryan [217]

    Ryan is just hands down the best. Thank you Ryan for always making sure our team is taken care of! and taken care of quickly. We know we ask for an astronomical amount of annoying requests. we appreciate you so so much. THANK YOU!!!!!!

    – March 23, 2018

    Chris Conlon gave props to Cheryl [217]

    Cheryl put her other work aside, jumped in and assisted with a post closing problem. She was as she always as is, calm and cool as the other side of the pillow!

    Thanks Cheryl!

    – March 23, 2018

    Michelle Graziano gave props to Ashley [217]

    Starting a new career is never easy, but having Ashley on my side and helping me through my first few months was absolutely amazing. Whenever I had a question, she answered it. She has been an incredible mentor through the beginning process of my new position and I cannot thank her enough!

    – March 23, 2018

    Joe Morgan gave props to kaitlyn [217]

    Kaitlyn is awesome to work with and always there with a solution to any issues that might come up !!

    – March 23, 2018

    Melissa Decatur gave props to David [217]

    David is an amazing closer!

    – March 23, 2018

    Lakedra Wilson gave props to Alan [217]

    Thank you for ALWAYS bringing positive energy into our branch and showing us exactly what passionate is. I appreciate you believing in me and always being willing to give feedback. You rock!

    – March 23, 2018

    Melissa Decatur gave props to George [217]

    George is the best and let’s recognize his efforts.

    – March 23, 2018

    Mary Wright gave props to Steve [217]

    thanks for always being so quick to jump on our teams requests, and most of all, thanks for allowing us to have fun too 🙂
    appreciate you!

    – March 23, 2018

    Summer Clark gave props to Heather [217]

    I want to recognize Heather for her selfless efforts in assisting our processing department and disclosure team. She is always assisting, coaching and sharing valuable information as well helping to streamline processes. She takes time out of her day to ensure the happiness of those around her and is never without a smile on her face. She is such a pleasure to work with and extremely knowledgeable and courteous of others. I’m so grateful she is a part of my work family!!!!

    – March 23, 2018

    Patty Rambo gave props to Shawn [217]

    Shawn was assigned a few of my loans this month. He was great to work and always stayed on top of my files. Returned emails in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with him.

    – March 23, 2018

    Michael Silva gave props to Laura [217]

    Laura always goes over and beyond to help our Clients.

    – March 23, 2018

    LINDA WELLMAKER gave props to JACKIE [217]


    – March 23, 2018

    Mary Wright gave props to Brittani [217]

    Brittani has been killing it with their transition to AFN! She asks so many great questions and is so on top of everything. We know transitions aren’t the easiest so I hope you know your hard work is not going unnoticed. Welcome to the team Brittani! keep up the good work 🙂

    – March 23, 2018