AFN’s Wall of Props

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    Jessica Cuccia gave props to Catalina [217]

    Has been so wonderful in her role as receptionist. She’s always quick to help when things get a bit chaotic at the reception desk. Catalina has shown so much potential in the few short weeks she’s been with us. As soon as she started, Ms. Cruz was ready and willing to learn and master everything that we do up here (which is a ton). Catalina was working on travel and putting together itineraries the first week that she was here, and that alone was simply amazing. She’s only progressed since she’s been here at AFN. I’m so glad to call her my co-worker, partner and the other half of the Dream Team. I’m very proud to say that I trained this young lady and I can’t wait to see how she’ll flourish with the company in the future. I love and appreciate you, kitty-Catalina! You rock.

    – October 18, 2016

    Kirk Kephart gave props to TInika [217]

    Thank you for the hard work on the Lennox File!

    – October 13, 2016

    Kirk Kephart gave props to Brad [217]

    Thank you for the support on the Lennox file!

    – October 13, 2016

    Kirk Kephart gave props to LaDonna [217]

    Thank you for the hard work on the Lennox File!!!

    – October 13, 2016

    Kirk Kephart gave props to Erik [217]

    Thank you for your hard work on the Lennox file!

    – October 13, 2016

    Kirk Kephart gave props to Christy [217]

    Thank you for the hard work on the Lennox file!

    – October 13, 2016

    Frank Granados gave props to Raul [217]

    I got to give props to Raul, for helping me to resolve the issue I had regarding: LOCK REQUESTS

    – October 12, 2016

    Alex Diaz gave props to Terry [217]

    Terry is just awesome to work with. She is the best underwriter I have had the pleasure to work with in 25 years!

    – October 12, 2016

    Keith Ray gave props to Robin [217]

    I want to give major props to Robin Madden! She took over 2 files that had already been in process and got things done. The files were a bit messy and not just anyone could have saved the day the way she did. Robin, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. You are the Real MVP! 🙂

    – October 12, 2016

    Jennifer Mantai gave props to Elvis [217]

    Elvis goes above and beyond to make sure our closings go smoothly. Thank you for all that you do!

    – October 11, 2016

    Jessica Cuccia gave props to Jessica [217]

    Jessica is an angel. Literally, well, maybe not literally. Figuratively for sure. Jess has only been here a few short weeks and it seems like she’s been here a lifetime. AFN is so lucky to have her on their team. Jess has continually impressed me with her skill, wit & compassion. Jess has slipped right into our team and is now a fitting member of the HR family. Any time i’m not sure about something, i know I can call her for a clear headed and well thought through answer. I’m so lucky to have her on my team and i look forward to having her at my side in the future. Thanks so much for being here for me when i needed you most Jess, and all the other times too. You’ll never be Jess#2 to me, YOU’RE #1. You rock!

    – October 07, 2016

    Jessica Cuccia gave props to Jade [217]

    Jadé is always willing and able to help us out with any random tech questions we may have here at reception. She is always happy to help us with any problem we may have whether or not it’s within her area of expertise. I appreciate Ms.Rivera’s attention to detail and exuberant energy that radiates any time she walks into a room. Also, it’s very nice of her to bring burritos to anyone who asks. I feel #blessed to have the privilege of working with her. Thanks, sweetie pie. I appreciate you.

    – October 07, 2016

    Sean Parsons gave props to Koreena [217]

    Thanks for all your hard work with helping license Blacklick!

    – October 07, 2016

    Sean Parsons gave props to Megan [217]

    Thanks for all your hard work with helping license Blacklick!

    – October 07, 2016

    Brandon Johnson gave props to Raul [217]

    Thanks for helping Arthur and me with all of our training and questions!

    – October 03, 2016

    Brandon Johnson gave props to Sean [217]

    Helping me out during training exercises!

    – October 03, 2016

    Brandon Johnson gave props to Cynthia [217]

    Being so helpful during training!

    – October 03, 2016

    Nasim Mashhadi gave props to Nicole [217]

    She has become a great processor from when she first started, I am loving corporate processing because of her and April.

    – October 03, 2016

    Susan Daniels gave props to Marianella [217]

    Great underwriter, great work ethic, great team player. Thank you for always going above and beyond on the difficult files.

    – October 03, 2016

    Manny Tinoco gave props to Kirstin [217]

    Kirstin has continued to give excellent customer service with her creativity in marketing and her great personality. Sometimes it feels like we ask to much, yet she always comes thru! Thank you Kirstin!

    – September 30, 2016

    Paige Gifford gave props to Paige [217]

    I am giving Viola props because she is the freaking best!!! Her food is delicious and she is so genuine and kind.

    Viola, thank you for being intentional about the needs of everyone in the office.
    You are a pleasure to be around.

    – September 29, 2016

    Annalyce Mitchell gave props to Stephanie [217]

    Thank you for all you do Stephanie! I appreciate you

    – September 29, 2016

    Sean Parsons gave props to Eva [217]

    Thank you for getting systems out so fast for Blacklick!!

    – September 28, 2016

    Sean Parsons gave props to Tori [217]

    Thanks for getting all of the welcome emails out for the new branch we’ve been working on!!

    – September 28, 2016

    Sherri Sensenbach gave props to Jonthan [217]

    Jonathan is always willing to help, regardless of the task, even when his plate is full. He always comes to work with a smile on his face, a good morning and ready to focus on the daily challenges in accounting. I am grateful he is in my department! He is a star!

    – September 28, 2016

    PAMELA JACKSON gave props to Jonathan [217]

    JT is the perfect team player!! He is always willing to step in when necessary. He is calm when it is extremely busy and will still offer his help. Thank you JT for being you!!!!

    – September 28, 2016

    Annalyce Mitchell gave props to Bob [217]

    Thank you for helping out on the Parker file today Bob! I know we are all super busy and I wanted to let you know – I really appreciate you!

    – September 28, 2016

    Gina McGinley gave props to Cole [217]

    I am so in love with Cole right now! He has just been so helpful on a nightmare file, jumping in with solutions, calling me for guidance. I just really appreciate the support from him, he’s just so awesome.

    – September 27, 2016

    Gina McGinley gave props to Kymberly [217]

    Kym gets it! She is so helpful! I appreciate how communicative she is and helpful on getting even the not so pretty files through. The Help for Heroes Branch loves her!

    – September 27, 2016

    Eric Winblad gave props to Ben [217]

    Ben is always willing to step up and help with anything that is thrown his way. I really appreciate everything he has done this past month for me and my region. Thanks Ben!

    – September 27, 2016

    Eric Winblad gave props to Fey [217]

    Fey is a rockstar! She does everything possible to help get docs out on time and she is always willing to help. She is a true asset to AFN. Thanks Fey!

    – September 27, 2016

    James Eppley gave props to Kaitlyn [217]

    Kaitlyn is an outstanding processor and her customer service with our clients is second to none. I’d really struggle without her.

    – September 25, 2016

    Scott Feldman gave props to April [217]

    April deserves major props for the assistance she provided to me with a file I was having issues with.

    Her assistance went over and above the call of duty.

    She was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

    There should be 100 more like her in the world….

    – September 24, 2016

    Jazmin Guzman gave props to Sean [217]

    Thank you Sean for helping me with the Refresh Audit issue 🙂

    – September 23, 2016

    Chris Conlon gave props to Robin [217]

    Robin has been just awesome in getting loans to closing. She adds an incredible human factor and I am actually having fun closing loans again! You can feel her smile through the phone. She always finds the time to take my call and answer my emails, because I always respect her precious time and don’t call to argue, even if I don’t agree, she is so clear and constant on what will work, I’ll just get what she needs. Her and her Manger Joe are my new favorite AFN Superhero’s! Batman and hey..Robin!

    – September 23, 2016

    Laura Morris gave props to Maria [217]

    Maria, Once again, I need to commend you for all the hard work and effort you put forth yesterday to close the DeKnight file. Between calling their current lender for updated information, addressing questions and concerns from the title company, and our closer, you handled each ‘crisis request’ quickly and efficiently. Your speedy actions and responses regarding this file helped to ensure that it was able to close on time yesterday! I’ve said this to you before, but I’ll say it again…You are the very best processor I have ever worked with in this industry. I am so grateful to work with a colleague like you! Thank you very, very much for everything you did so that we could close this loan successfully last night!

    – September 23, 2016

    Laura Morris gave props to Courtney [217]

    Courtney, Once again, I must extend my most heartfelt thanks to you. You hadn’t taken 3 steps into the office yesterday morning before I pounced on you with a question on a CD that I didn’t understand. You were able to instantly show me the answer and help me understand what happened that caused the customer to need far more cash at closing than we expected. Knowing that the customer was just about to cancel the loan, which was scheduled to close at 6:30 p.m. last night, you helped us figure out a solution to reduce the amount of cash needed for closing. Your expertise saved the loan from canceling! Your efforts didn’t even stop there! You had to step in and work with the title company and AFN corporate in order to get the last pieces of the closing doc requirements satisfied after my regular AFN closer had already left for the day! Because of you, the loan closed on time and we didn’t have to incur any added expenses to extend the rate lock. I am so grateful to work with a colleague like you who values each customer and knows the importance of making them happy, which increases AFN’s success, too! Thanks for all you do!

    – September 23, 2016

    LeAnna Rodriguez gave props to Raul [217]

    Raul is such a pleasure to work with. Great attitude and soo helpful! 🙂

    – September 23, 2016

    Frederick Margolis gave props to damien [217]

    Tireless worker and detailed as any processor I have ever worked with!

    – September 23, 2016

    Ed Ryder gave props to Howard [217]

    Not only is Howard the Branch Manager here but also an invaluable resource of knowledge for all the various programs we offer. This saves time and avoids errors in the loans we submit. And his cheerful attitude contributes a lot to making our Branch a pleasant place to work

    – September 23, 2016

    Gina McGinley gave props to Sharef [217]

    Sharef is so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. He understands how important it is to quickly resolve a situation and always quickly clears a file. And yesterday when a problem arose on the last day to order docs on a streamline and when he couldn’t help me quickly he found the right person to solve the issue. He is so wonderful.

    – September 23, 2016

    Gina McGinley gave props to Cynthia [217]

    Yesterday we failed Mavent on a Streamline that needed docs to be ordered, Cynthia jumped in and Saved the day immediately without hesitation. It is so appreciated that she just jumps in to help so quickly and kindly.

    – September 23, 2016

    Ryan Pinkney gave props to Pamela [217]

    Pam has been extremely helpful in assisting Legal with big projects over the past few months. She always responds promptly to emails, even if it’s just to let me know she received my email and will get to it as soon as she can. I’m glad to have her on our team. Thanks for all you do, Pam!

    – September 23, 2016

    Jimmy Vuong gave props to Raul [217]

    Raul is passionate about his work and willing to put in the extra effort. I would like to express my appreciation in a haiku:

    Raul, the handsome; Great service is what we get; Lucky to have him

    – September 23, 2016

    David Martin gave props to Kristi [217]

    Kristi has gone above and beyond on our files to help us figure out underwriting guidelines and clarification on files. she is a joy to work with and is much appreciated.

    – September 23, 2016

    David Martin gave props to Eric [217]

    Eric Winblad has been constantly bending over backwards to help me out. to help me push deals forward, to help me understand and research guidelines, to help me structure deals, and to help me figure out how AFN works. He is much appreciated

    – September 23, 2016

    Alex gave props to Kristi [217]

    Kristi is an amazing underwriter who can handle a lot of work, but when a co worker is out sick. Kristi was there to help take on that load and finish her own workload.
    Love team players like her at Team AFN!

    – September 23, 2016

    AMANDA BEAM gave props to ANGELA [217]

    Angela has been slammed lately, and still goes above and beyond to get my files done. She is a great processor and I believe she’s earned some props:)

    – June 10, 2016

    Joshua Montano gave props to Lisa [217]

    She’s a rockstar. She brings a level of thoughtfulness to the workplace that is unmatched. Her attention to detail, her ability to execute quickly and at a high level, and her positive attitude are an asset.

    – June 08, 2016

    Ken Moffett gave props to Kim [217]

    It may be their job, but Kim and her Team’s professionalism, patience, and personality has made getting sales tool in place a breeze. Thanks Kim for your patience with me and awesome follow-up/follow-through!

    – June 08, 2016