AFN’s Wall of Props

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    Maria Cummins gave props to Twyla

    Twyla is a very hard worker with the ability to stay calm under intense stress. I like how she brings a little levity to difficult situations. She is very funny and her sense of humor helps me get through the rough days. I think she is a fabulous role model for this company!

    – November 16, 2015

    JIll McKay gave props to Nicole

    Thank you to Nicole, who stepped in to a loan that was not even assigned to her originally, getting remaining conditions signed off, and funding a very tough loan at the last moment. We truly appreciate her effort!

    – November 16, 2015

    Rebecca McDonaugh gave props to Courtney

    Courtney is fantastic. She is always there for us to get our files closed on time successfully. Our Branch would not be successful with out her….

    – November 13, 2015

    Rebecca McDonaugh gave props to Breonna

    Breonna is always available when you need her. She responds quickly and knows everything. I could not do my job at all with out her!!!

    – November 13, 2015

    Matt Maine gave props to Ben

    Ben is a true gentlemen. he helped me fund a loan that was very important to me. Ben is constantly going out of his way to help others. I would like to raise a toast to ben (a glass of V8 Juice, because it is his favorite)

    – November 13, 2015

    Angela Thornton gave props to Linda

    Linda goes above and beyond on her files to try and make things easier for the processor and help in any way she possibly can. I really enjoy working with her!

    – November 12, 2015

    Angela Thornton gave props to Pete

    While learning a new company, Pete has been great with files and communication. I feel very comfortable talking with him about files and feel like we’re on the same team. I think Pete has been a great addition to our team and I look forward to working with him more!

    – November 12, 2015

    Angela Thornton gave props to Sharef

    Sharef has been great with answering all kinds of compliance questions that are coming up with all of the new TRID disclosures. He’s always responsive and super helpful!

    – November 12, 2015

    Jim Haley gave props to Maria

    Maria does outstanding work to insure the loan officer’s file is processed in a professional and timely manner. She keeps you informed as to any pending issues and assists in addressing any issue to resolve you so the loan can be processed and closed in a timely manner. Congratulations to Maria!

    – November 12, 2015

    Ric Porges gave props to Todd

    Todd is the Regional manager and is possibly the most hands on manager that I’ve worked with in many years. He is always available to assist in any way possible providing ideas and support to better our sales and closings. It’s is a true pleasure working with him. He is a stand up person.

    – November 12, 2015

    viola christopher gave props to Evan

    Evan deserves Props for stepping up to the plate and pitching in to make our Birthday Celebration that much better!! He has a great sense of humor and a wonderful disposition!! Thanks Evan for being a Great Team Player!!!

    – November 12, 2015

    Barbara Robinson gave props to Matthew

    For me Matt has always gone out of his way to not only help but also to cheer me on. He is so knowledgable and just a pleasure to work with. Thank you Matt for being your awesome self!

    – November 12, 2015

    Barbara Robinson gave props to Todd

    In my years of just working I have never had a manager be so supportive and proactive for not only myself but the team. His knowledge is not olnly a huge asset but his ability to cut to the chase and problem solve is outstanding. He is a big picture thinker and often thinks outside the box to get whatever needs done, DONE. I tell everyone I knnow about Todd and I try to get everyone I know to call him about positions. Thank you Todd for being the best “Boss” and Manager I have ever had.

    – November 12, 2015

    Mallory Kimberly gave props to Tiffany

    Thanks for all your hard work and killing it with Processing!

    – November 11, 2015

    Kirstin Rowley gave props to Joshua

    Josh you have made my time at AFN a more caring and supportive place. You have helped me time and time again with Innumerable little tasks tasks and situations that made a big difference to me and I couldn’t feel more appreciative of you and your time here. You are seriously the BEST!

    – November 11, 2015

    Josh Travis gave props to Kirstin

    Kirsten Rowley goes above and beyond in assisting other departments including Branch Relations.

    – November 11, 2015

    Jennifer Mantai gave props to Amy

    Amy, always goes above and beyond for our clients. Her communication is one of the most impressive experiences I have had with a processor in my career. She will work longer hours to get the job done and doesn’t complain. She is a Rock Star and I want her to know how much we value her.

    – November 11, 2015

    Will Nevile gave props to Courtney

    _ Her exceptionally positive attitude.
    – Her assistance in rapidly completing one of our first TRID loans.
    – Her professional responses and resolution to a last minute situation that developed at the closing.

    – November 11, 2015

    Kaitlyn Hankins gave props to Sharef

    Sharef is always helpful when I have a question or need to run scenarios by him for compliance.

    – November 11, 2015

    Tamara Mitchell gave props to sharef

    Sharef is very helpful and fast at helping walk processing thru the compliance steps. He is responsive to any and all questions and makes the fun task of compliance tolerable:)

    – November 11, 2015

    Katrina gave props to Duane

    He is always there for us when we need help . He answers all of our questions and take cares of our concerns and issues he is a problem solver and very down to earth.

    – November 11, 2015

    Kristen Wild gave props to Niki

    For always having an answer, being so witty and kind, and for always being patient and helpful to our staff everyday

    – November 11, 2015

    Scott Feldman gave props to Jason

    Jason is the epitome of team player.

    Never does he refuse to lend a hand when asked a question from his fellow LO’s and always goes above and beyond what is expected of

    Thanks Jason.

    – November 11, 2015

    Wilson Enriquez gave props to Elizabeth

    Elizabeth always returns calls and emails in a timely manner and has always been a pleasure to work with. Thanks Elizabeth for really caring about what you do and the people it impacts!

    – November 11, 2015

    Todd Probasco gave props to Maria

    Maria is a valuable part of our team. Her knowledge, experience and professionalism makes Maria a true AFN All-Star!

    – November 11, 2015

    April Contreras gave props to Josh

    Josh always helps me on things computer related that I would have no idea how to do on my own, and always super quick to fix the problems!

    – November 10, 2015

    Aimee Wolfe gave props to Jackie


    I want to start by saying you have done an amazing job with your position. I know its difficult to manage everything but you are doing GREAT!

    Your all about team work and that’s what makes this a happy environment to work in.
    It really makes a difference when you have a manager who is willing to train and help anytime shes needed.

    Thank you for all you do!

    – November 09, 2015

    Aimee Wolfe gave props to Debra

    I’ve learned so much from Deb in the short amount of time shes been with us. She is extremely knowledgeable and so helpful when i need assistance with anything.

    Deb is definitely an asset to the team 🙂

    – November 06, 2015

    Ilvia Camejo gave props to Jessica

    Is always ready and willing to help out when I have needed her to. She is an awesome TEAM Player

    – November 06, 2015

    Jessica & Kristina gave props to Twyla

    Twyla is a role model. We appreciate the positive energy she always brings with her to the office. She surprises us every day with her kindness and wit. We receptionists appreciate that Twyla is very sweet and generous to us, this office is a much friendlier place thanks to her spunk. We love you, Twyla!

    – November 06, 2015

    Corey Trujillo gave props to Corey

    Way to go, Kim on getting the Conference Schedule and Costume Contest pages up and running on the website so quickly. Kim has mastered the interface for the store and has become our expert for this tool and the theme we use for it. It’s is very helpful to be able to pop these pages up so quickly to support important events and fun contests alike! Thanks Kim!

    – November 03, 2015

    Corey Trujillo gave props to Kirstin

    Kirstin has been doing an amazing job with the Conference Registration lists and management. She has so many items on her plate and manages to keep these items up to date for us. She is a joy to work with, I love her energy!

    – November 03, 2015

    Brandon Hawkinson gave props to Nellie

    She may be new but she is awesome! Polite, logical, friendly and returns calls, what more could you ask for?

    AJ scored getting Nellie, she is a keeper. 🙂

    – November 03, 2015

    MaryAnne Franzyshen gave props to Rebecca

    Rebecca McDonaugh is the best processor I’ve ever had during my 18 years in the business. She is knowledgeable and dedicated. She is an intricate part of my success! Thanks Rebecca!

    – November 02, 2015

    Jason Smith gave props to Taylor

    With the help of Taylor in our disclosure desk we disclosed our first TRID file on 10/06/15 and funded before our short sale approval expired on 10/30/15. With Taylor’s dedication to making sure our LE and CD’s were accurate we were able to close our first TRID file in 24 days!

    – October 30, 2015

    Paige Gifford gave props to Kirstin

    Kirstin is a beautiful human who is so lovely and full of life and color.

    I know that she worked really hard on the corporate news letter and it looked freakin’ spectacular!

    You go girl! You are all the good things.

    – October 30, 2015

    Amy Valdivia gave props to Jade

    Jade is quick and always willing to help when I’m requesting updates to Encompass. Her quick turn times allow me to finish tasks quicker! Thank you for all your hard work Jade!

    – October 29, 2015

    Corey Trujillo gave props to Ashlee

    I can’t say enough about Ashlee or often enough. She works so fast and so much. She takes ownership of every project she is given and never skimps on any detail. Even when there is room to get by with doing the bare minimum – I know I can count on her to show up with a premium product. Her tenacity and creativity on the conference items, art for the corporate office, company newsletter, branch customer service and over all design and branding has been nothing short of AMAZING. You know a true professional when you work with one and I see that every day in Ashlee. The work ethic and dedication she brings to the team is something every manager wishes for. She ROCKS!

    – October 29, 2015

    Melinda Casem gave props to Monica

    Monica a true team player. Monica truly goes above and beyond to help the Loan Officers and our customers.

    Thank you Monica for helping us get through all our challenges

    – October 28, 2015

    Kathren Rosales gave props to Raul

    Raul went above and beyond to ensure that lease agreements, insurance, and other necessary items were completed for the opening of my new branch. He did this in a timely and professional manner and would return calls/emails with grace. Completely enjoyed the on-boarding process while working with Raul.

    – October 28, 2015

    Corey Trujillo gave props to Joshua

    Joshua is always quick to respond. He is a true problem solver. I appreciate that he takes the time to help out when we run into issues or when people need information quickly. It makes all the difference to our being able to complete our tasks or answer questions.

    – October 28, 2015

    Cheyenne Walker gave props to Kristi

    Kristi always goes above and beyond to help close loans. She is always easy to reach when I have a question and is great to work with. She definitely deserves AFN Props.

    – October 28, 2015

    JOSEPH BEMENT gave props to SUSAN

    Being thrown into a a hectic situation and handling it with grace.

    – October 28, 2015

    Tim Prindle gave props to Maria

    Incredible work ethic; highly motivated to get files done quickly. Very “underwriter” conscientious which makes for smoother process.

    – October 28, 2015

    Tim Prindle gave props to Mitch

    Common sense underwriter that takes time to engage the LO on underwriting guidelines.

    – October 28, 2015

    Corey Trujillo gave props to Sherri

    Sherri is always ready to help. She gets me what I need quickly and always has a great attitude about customer service to co-workers. I really appreciate her helping me so quickly today with the item I needed to complete my project!

    – October 28, 2015

    Josh Blair gave props to Rebecca

    Rebecca time and time again exceeds all expectations. Not only does she “Get It Done”, but, she gets it done in First Class Style!!!!


    – October 28, 2015

    Ramaj Balley gave props to Susan

    Susan is a rock star! She is responsive, knowledgeable and approaches her job with such professionalism and a sense of servitude. She’s an AFN MVP!

    – October 28, 2015

    Jessica Higgins gave props to Susan

    Susan has gone above and beyond to assist us and keep our group on track given a quick departure of our division underwriters. She has consistently come thru to help us when we have needed her. She has done all of this with a smile and a positive attitude.

    Thank you Susan!

    – October 28, 2015

    Carrie Blue gave props to Saeed

    Saeed is a leader. A great leader. Everyday and every month he exemplifies the meaning of Branch Manager. His on-going support is something I have never experienced in my 14 yr LO career. He makes me better. He supports me in ways I have always wished for. As for a branch manager, he’s a dream come true. He has found the best recipe for success in this industry and I am happy and proud to be apart of his branch.

    – October 28, 2015